new widget for multiple announcements


We're excited to introduce our new Announcement Widget, allowing you to showcase multiple offers in one engaging place.

Show latest offers at one place

•   Flash Sales
•   Seasonal Promotions
•   Bundle Deals
•   Exclusive Membership Offers
•   Product Launches
•   Event Promotions
•   Limited-Time Offers
•   Upcoming Webinars
•   Freebies


1. Click on Add Notification
2.  Widget > Call to action > Latest Offers
Find latest offers widget

New WiserNotifyChrome Extension for Pulling Reviews

We’re excited to announce that we’ve launched the Wisernotify Chrome extension to make the fetching review process more efficient and smooth.

Using the Wisernotify Chrome extension, you can now pull reviews from below the platform and display them in review notifications and on the review wall.

Supported platform list:

• Etsy Store
• Apple app store
• Capterra
• Google play store
• TripAdvisor
• AppSumo
• Amazon product
• Edmunds
• Houzz
• OpenTable
• Booking &  Many more upcoming! 

Here is a complete video on installing and using the Chrome extension to pull the most recent reviews from your business/product listing profile: '

New Integrations

Commercetools & elopage.

Commercetools: Show your sales and conversions from commercetools into any website and turn it into social proof notifications.

elopage: Turn your course sales into powerful social proof notifications to build credibility and lift conversions

New timer customisations

Now, WiserNotify lets you customize your timer on a more advanced level.

You can hide days, hours or minutes based on your requirement.

Also, we've added an option to edit font size.

Set Rating Star Colours

Now, get more personalized with review notifications using Rating Star Colors.

Set star colors based that matches the platform you're fetching review from or mix and match with the colors to make it look more eye catchy.

Set Blinking Tab Intervals

We've added a new option to add blinking tab intervals to let users set the time interval for better user experience.

December Product Updates

In last one month, we have added some new features and new designs for improving customer experience.

1. Import display settings

Say Goodbye to adding display rules manually in all notifications. Import display rules from notification of your choice and start displaying them.

image.png 10.39 KB

2. New timer template

With our beautifully designed new timer, you can now add coupon codes to your notifications. Visitors can just click on it and it will get copied automatically. Take a look at our two new designs too.

image.png 113.86 KB

3. Design Variations

We've created multiple notification designs with different variations for every industry and use cases. These are the pre-made notification designs that are ready to use. You can also customize them as per your requirements.

New integration released: Formaloo, Getleadsform, Quary, Quary

I hope you're having a great time.

This post is about the quick update that we've recently made on our platform.

We've added 3 new integrations on user request.

1. Formaloo :

2. Getleadsform

3. Quary:

4. Vbout :

Play with HTML & META tags

We've added some more personalization options to boost your engagement and conversions.

Now, display page-wise views into notifications with dynamic text editing options. First go to text editor and edit the text.

We've added some new dynamic text. Here is how they work.

Country based targeting option available under display section

The notification message changes based on the location/geography of the visitor.

Example content of a top bar:

Indian Visitor: For a limited time, get this at just INR 999 till Sept 1st.
US Visitor: For a limited time, get this at just $25 with code "COUPON"

Single Live Visit Notifications

Display the last 20 single visits as social proof notifications.

Notification example:

A Visitor from new york, USA,

is checking our services now

image.png 63.91 KB

TIktok integration

Start displaying your TikTok follower counter on your website.

Available under social media follower:

Go to widget-> Other -> Social media follower>

- Design> TikTok -> Add
- Connect TikTok account

image.png 87.62 KB