New timer customisations

Now, WiserNotify lets you customize your timer on a more advanced level.

You can hide days, hours or minutes based on your requirement.

Also, we've added an option to edit font size.

Set Rating Star Colours

Now, get more personalized with review notifications using Rating Star Colors.

Set star colors based that matches the platform you're fetching review from or mix and match with the colors to make it look more eye catchy.

Live visitor counter- Limit set upto 24 hours.

New Settings Page UI

We found that some of our users were facing difficulties finding some options in settings tab. That's why we've created a new UI to improve user experience.

With our new UI, you can access all our features in tabular format, so you don't have a hard time finding some advanced options.

Find the screenshots below to see the new changes.
image.png 66.81 KB

image.png 84.01 KB